Elogic: your partner for all tasks in the field of dedusting. Individual solutions using a range from compact filters up to process filters.

Elogic investments - the management team of Elogic GmbH is using its knowledge, experience and connections for developing additional companies.

Within the scope of successions needed Elogic GmbH is acquiring medium sized companies.

It is to be aimed that the current owners will be part of the developing process as long as possible.

The goal is to stabilize and develop the acquired companies based on existing structures. In addition potentials will be realized.

The firms remain independent in all areas. On the other hand they gain by central steered activities like global sourcing, marketing, etc. These activities are provided by the center of competence of the Elogic management team.

Acting by "Learning from the best" the group knowhow is being collected and communicated to everybody.

Last but not least synergy effects will occur by intercompany business.

The way Elogic is acting is different to the competitors. At the same time it is the foundation of a sustainable success.